Ballistic Power & Power Endurance

Today’s work out might not be the most exciting, but training for competitions is definitely more hard work than being glamorous.

The objectives of today’s work out were the same as Monday’s training: To improve my lactic acid tolerance and my maximum oxygen consumption while I develop more power and endurance for the competition to come.

There are some small modifications to my specific karate technical and tactical training, by alternating the intensity of training as explained below. After an intensive warm up and stretching, I get into karate shadow fighting, bouncing forward and backward and simulating the competition fight. On Monday I start bouncing with only 10 repetitions per each leg switching from left and right four times.

Today, I used the same 3 sets of 4 minutes simulated fight with only 2 minutes rest interval between sets, but this time instead of switching my fighting position every 10 repetition per each leg, I increased it to 20 repetitions. Indeed I felt the pain of the lactic acid accumulation in the leg muscles as well as a considerable increased in cardio respiratory demand.

This way, I push even more my body beyond the pain limit forcing it to tolerate the pain produced by increased lactic acid. This is crucial as increasing anaerobic power under extreme pain will further boost my performance.

The rest of the workout was identical to Monday’s:

I started with a power endurance circuit workout with a 10 lbs.-medicinal ball, performing 3 sets of 30 explosive chest throw and then with 3 sets of 20 explosive alternate side throws. Then I move on to two pairs of exercises using dumbbell weights. The first pairs of exercises was a modified alternate jumping lunges of 20 repetitions with 20 lbs. dumbbells on each hand, followed by 20 repetitions of the same exercise but without any weight.

After 60 seconds of active rest, I complete the second pair of exercises of three sets of 10 alternate diagonal punches with 10 lbs. dumbbell weights on my hands, followed by three more sets of 10 repetitions without weights.

This workout was designed to only partially remove the lactates from the bloodstream and stimulate the Lactic Acid Tolerance, pushing my body to tolerate the pain produced by increased lactic acid. You can read more of the work out in detail here.

Again, I hope it is useful to learn about my training and perhaps you integrate some aspects into yours. How do you prepare for your competitions?

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