Champions For Change Award – part 2

033As I mention on my previous blog dated on August 10, 2013, me and my wife Daniela were on our way to receive the Champions for Change Award, at the Energy Solution Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah. A four minute recorded video clip about this ceremony can be seen on my YouTube Channel:

Mario COMPETITION dAY 030As any of you probably know, I decided at the age of 50, to fight in the 2012 Karate BC Provincial Championships, not only to prove that a Healthy Lifestyle including regular exercise and proper  nutrition can make a competitive athlete at any age, but mostly for a good cause  to help many children with their needs.

And thank you for all my supporters who helped me to achieve my fundraising goals. I already mention them in my previous blogs and I will mention them whenever I post again about charitable events. You can always check it out on my charitable event page at:

My decision to be of assistance to the Children’s Hunger Fund came earlier, when I founded out that the organization had helped thousands of orphan kids in my country of origin, Romania.

photo - CopyAs proud as I was receiving this prize, I was not the only one awarded with this prestigious recognition. In total, fifteen persons around the world received this honor for their commitment and devotion to help other people in need. And I am proud to be part of this community of individuals who show compassion and care toward others.

But before revealing them, and some of their commitments, I need to make a correction to my previous blog statement related to Dr. Oz as the master of ceremonies for the Champions for Change Award.

Due to his busy schedule Dr. Oz only shows up only on Saturday August 17, to lead the 5K – Champions for Change Run and help raise additional funds for  people in need.


In fact, I and my wife Daniela together with Dave Wentz – the Usana’s president – and hundreds of other devoted  associates and professional Olympic athletes supported this event.

Aug 16th - Usana 003Aug 16th - Usana 016

Aug 16th - Usana 020Among some celebrity athletes I meet were Liz Hubert, a well-known professional tennis player, Jennifer Azzi – the head coach of the women’s basketball team at the University of San Francisco and José Antonio Rivera, a former world boxing champion known as “El Gallo”. (left)

Thru this event, USANA Health Sciences donated to the True Health Foundation an additional $175,000 for helping other desperate needy kids.

??????????And our choice to help other people doesn’t stop here. Together with my partner Joshua Hensman, a youth worker with the City of Vancouver, we founded the Vancouver Martial Arts Academy, at the Hillcrest Community Centre in Vancouver, BC.

Our athletic association is devoted to attract many children to our martial arts and self defense programs, with the intention to educate and motivate them to stay healthy and fit for life. Our martial arts approach to fitness and healthy lifestyle is modeled after the Health Corps Foundation, created by Dr. Oz, in an attempt to prevent childhood obesity in US.

11b686_d9e16196a4576a0b791da1357228d134_png_srz_361_185_75_22_0_50_1_20_0Our focus for now will be primarily on the province of British Columbia and Canada where we intend to create many youth leaders that will reach their schools and their communities with our message of fitness and health.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 8.43.54 AM

And as part of our commitment to helps others, we will regularly have seminars on nutrition and self defense for children and their families, and we will donate funds to help other people in need. And we are looking for more partners to join us in our endeavour to reach into our communities with our message of health and wellbeing.

So, if you are committed, don’t hesitate to contact me or Josh.

As promised at the beginning of my blog, below are the other worldwide recognized Champions for Change and their commitments:

Champions-for-Change-Awards - Copy

  • Dr. Monica Lewis from New Zealand – a counsellor specialized in chronic and hormonal illnesses, who give her time freely to help others and educate as many people as she can about health.
  • Dr. Bart Moore – a Physician Nutrition Specialist and a Diplomat of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and his wife Janet Moore – who are one of the top ten donors to the True Health Foundation, committed to support people in need.
  • Maria Conchita Vargas from Mexico – who donated every month for the past three years, essential vitamins to an orphanage in Ciudad Juarez, helping many kids in need.
  • Heather & Chris Hartridge from Canada, a couple on their late fifties who have decided to ride their bikes from Kamloops, BC to Salt Lake City in an attempt to inspire more people to get fit, stay healthy and be able to overcome any obstacles.
  • Maria Josefina Castro Amarillas & Gustavo Ament from Mexico, one of the most committed couples to sharing the message of a better world, to one child and one family at a time.
  • MyungRan Han from Korea, who had been in poor health, but dramatically, improved her health through USANA, and now she has become a health missionary and one of the biggest donor to the True Health Foundation.
  • Christian De Guzman a certified public accountant from Philippines, who proved to have a sincere compassion with the needy not only with his immediate and extended family but also to people in random.
  • Vajira & Rita Amarasinghe from Australia, – who helped many people in their communities with medicine, food, tuitions for education and the release of many people’s increased financial pressure.
  • Luisa Drigo from Ontario, Canada – who generated sales for more than 1000 essential vitamins for kids and together with her husband, supported numerous charities organizing their events and activities.
  • Jeannie Thai from US – who reached out to many different communities and organizations to help children and recently to a Benefit Concert, she raised funds for the True Health Foundation to help needy people around the world.
  • Majid & Kahnoush Mokhbery from US, – who constantly support True Health Foundation at each of their monthly events and gave a check at convention for the amount they have earned this year.
  • Janet Bernstein from US – inspired the international recycling partnership between the True Health Foundation and USANA Green by recycling bar wrappers for over a year and donating the proceeds.
  • Jim and Dian Fawver from US – one of the top ten donors to the True Health Foundation, are passionate about helping people achieve true health, by providing successful, free fitness coaching.
  • Bibiana and Peter Pau from Canada, – are tireless fundraisers, for Children’s Hunger Fund and the True Health Foundation, and compassionate leaders on every event in their communities.

On my next blog Champions for Change Award part 3, I will continue with more information about my visit to Salt Lake City, and to the USANA Health Sciences manufacturing facility, as well as my involvement with Children’s Hunger Fund, True health Foundation and Health Corps Organization.

More information about our fitness, nutrition and self defense programs, including our commitment to a healthy lifestyle choices can be soon founded on our websites:  – healthy lifestyle, and nutritional tips – martial arts and self defense programs – fitness and health

Until then be healthy and fit for life

Champions For Change Award

Mario COMPETITION dAY 030Yes, it is official.
I am the recipient of the Champions for Change Award, a prize given to me for my 2012 MarioFit Fighting For Kids Charitable event, for the benefits of many children in need.

This event hosted at the Energy Solution Centre in Salt Lake City between August 15 and August 17, 2013, is part of the USANA Health Sciences International Conference, where Dr. Mehmet Oz – two-time Emmy® Award-winning and the host of the “The Dr. Oz Show” – will serve as the master of ceremonies for this event.
DrOz_Dave_DrWentz[1]In addition, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and his charitable society HealthCorps® have joined forces with USANA Health Sciences on the mission of fighting teenage obesity, which is a pressing health issues not only in North America but also in the world. And I am honored to be part of this events.
About MarioFit Fighting For Kids
“Hunger hurts. It brings disease. It kills. Especially if you’re a child. Without a well-balanced diet, children can develop nutrition-based disorders, which harm the body and mind. Their small bodies struggle to absorb the essential nutrients they need to grow, and in some cases, survive”
mariofitfightingforkids-charity-bc-children-245x300[1]After witnessing a friend’s son with leukemia go through successful treatment with British Columbia Children Hospital, and considering that Children’s Hunger Fund restore health to thousands of Romanian orphans for many years, as well as other needy kids around the world, in 2012 I decided to contribute and to give back with everything I had.

By competing at the age of 50, in the prestigious 2012 British Columbia Karate Championship (Nov. 17th and 18th) I made a commitment to prove that a healthy lifestyle can make a competitive athlete at any age.  However, my major goal was in fact to raise awareness for causes very close to my heart; to help children in desperate need of food and for further research in childhood diseases. Therefore, I decided to make this championship a fundraising event for the benefits of many children in need.
More About Me
Karate 5 Romania 1984 training with Catalin NeaguOnce upon of time, I was one of the top karate athletes in Romania and I grew up as an eyewitness to the effects of malnutrition. In addition, I became increasingly concerned about the effects on children.

I made my life’s mission to learn all I can about living a healthy lifestyle and to teach others by personal example. I studied firm to become a certified fitness professional, a registered sport and holistic nutritionist, and a certified coach for sports.

When a recent car accident forced me to quit competing in martial arts, I tried to find ways to cope with my disabilities, and still to be active and healthy. My periodization program for fitness and sports helped me to redesign my rehabilitation exercises into a sport specific program. And to challenge my fitness, I decided to compete in the 2012 British Columbia Karate Championship. Moreover, to keep my motivation high, I attached this event to MarioFit Fighting for Kids charitable event – a dream to help kids that I have had it since I  lived in Romania.
Now that I am the winner of Champions for Change Award, I would like again to show appreciation to all those who have contributed to my cause and help many children in desperate need, in particular, to those listed on our Sponsor/Supporter page of the event website:

teccrab inc.However, a special recognition I would like to present to teccrab inc – an online marketing services provider, which motivate me and offered their services as the main sponsor for the event online and on MarioFit Facebook Page.

SamStosur_Banner[1]The Champions for Change is also a joint initiative between Women Tennis Association and USANA Health Sciences, as WTA star players will present donations to the USANA True Health Foundation to help with needs of many children around the world.

As many athletes and celebrities are getting involved into more charitable event, I am even more motivated to continue my mission to help children in need.
For those who don’t know yet, I am a USANA Health Sciences associate and for years I saw that USANA played an integral role in the fight against hunger. Through Children’s Hunger Fund, USANA has given more than $18 million in cash and vitamins for kids Usanimals, in donations.

Now, the new USANA True Health Foundation in partnership with Dr. Oz and his HealtCorps Foundation, will venture to expand its offerings to Children’s Hunger Fund as well as HealthCorps foundation, for the benefits of many children in need.

Vancouver Martial Arts Academy

013As my vision and mission to help children with a healthier lifestyle expanded, recently with my new partner Josh Hensman (a new sport karate champion) we instituted the Vancouver Martial Arts Academy – an athletic centre for kids – promoting healthy lifestyle through Sport Karate and proper nutrition. So please visit our website and get inspired.
More information about fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, will be soon posted also on our general website:  and
Until then, join the MarioFit Facebook Page, to stay in touch with all the events to come.

Please associate with me and Josh in this effort to help, to bless and to give back the way we can, helping many kids to have a better life.