Champions For Change Award

Mario COMPETITION dAY 030Yes, it is official.
I am the recipient of the Champions for Change Award, a prize given to me for my 2012 MarioFit Fighting For Kids Charitable event, for the benefits of many children in need.

This event hosted at the Energy Solution Centre in Salt Lake City between August 15 and August 17, 2013, is part of the USANA Health Sciences International Conference, where Dr. Mehmet Oz – two-time Emmy® Award-winning and the host of the “The Dr. Oz Show” – will serve as the master of ceremonies for this event.
DrOz_Dave_DrWentz[1]In addition, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and his charitable society HealthCorps® have joined forces with USANA Health Sciences on the mission of fighting teenage obesity, which is a pressing health issues not only in North America but also in the world. And I am honored to be part of this events.
About MarioFit Fighting For Kids
“Hunger hurts. It brings disease. It kills. Especially if you’re a child. Without a well-balanced diet, children can develop nutrition-based disorders, which harm the body and mind. Their small bodies struggle to absorb the essential nutrients they need to grow, and in some cases, survive”
mariofitfightingforkids-charity-bc-children-245x300[1]After witnessing a friend’s son with leukemia go through successful treatment with British Columbia Children Hospital, and considering that Children’s Hunger Fund restore health to thousands of Romanian orphans for many years, as well as other needy kids around the world, in 2012 I decided to contribute and to give back with everything I had.

By competing at the age of 50, in the prestigious 2012 British Columbia Karate Championship (Nov. 17th and 18th) I made a commitment to prove that a healthy lifestyle can make a competitive athlete at any age.  However, my major goal was in fact to raise awareness for causes very close to my heart; to help children in desperate need of food and for further research in childhood diseases. Therefore, I decided to make this championship a fundraising event for the benefits of many children in need.
More About Me
Karate 5 Romania 1984 training with Catalin NeaguOnce upon of time, I was one of the top karate athletes in Romania and I grew up as an eyewitness to the effects of malnutrition. In addition, I became increasingly concerned about the effects on children.

I made my life’s mission to learn all I can about living a healthy lifestyle and to teach others by personal example. I studied firm to become a certified fitness professional, a registered sport and holistic nutritionist, and a certified coach for sports.

When a recent car accident forced me to quit competing in martial arts, I tried to find ways to cope with my disabilities, and still to be active and healthy. My periodization program for fitness and sports helped me to redesign my rehabilitation exercises into a sport specific program. And to challenge my fitness, I decided to compete in the 2012 British Columbia Karate Championship. Moreover, to keep my motivation high, I attached this event to MarioFit Fighting for Kids charitable event – a dream to help kids that I have had it since I  lived in Romania.
Now that I am the winner of Champions for Change Award, I would like again to show appreciation to all those who have contributed to my cause and help many children in desperate need, in particular, to those listed on our Sponsor/Supporter page of the event website:

teccrab inc.However, a special recognition I would like to present to teccrab inc – an online marketing services provider, which motivate me and offered their services as the main sponsor for the event online and on MarioFit Facebook Page.

SamStosur_Banner[1]The Champions for Change is also a joint initiative between Women Tennis Association and USANA Health Sciences, as WTA star players will present donations to the USANA True Health Foundation to help with needs of many children around the world.

As many athletes and celebrities are getting involved into more charitable event, I am even more motivated to continue my mission to help children in need.
For those who don’t know yet, I am a USANA Health Sciences associate and for years I saw that USANA played an integral role in the fight against hunger. Through Children’s Hunger Fund, USANA has given more than $18 million in cash and vitamins for kids Usanimals, in donations.

Now, the new USANA True Health Foundation in partnership with Dr. Oz and his HealtCorps Foundation, will venture to expand its offerings to Children’s Hunger Fund as well as HealthCorps foundation, for the benefits of many children in need.

Vancouver Martial Arts Academy

013As my vision and mission to help children with a healthier lifestyle expanded, recently with my new partner Josh Hensman (a new sport karate champion) we instituted the Vancouver Martial Arts Academy – an athletic centre for kids – promoting healthy lifestyle through Sport Karate and proper nutrition. So please visit our website and get inspired.
More information about fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, will be soon posted also on our general website:  and
Until then, join the MarioFit Facebook Page, to stay in touch with all the events to come.

Please associate with me and Josh in this effort to help, to bless and to give back the way we can, helping many kids to have a better life.

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  1. This is a fantastic achievement and we would like to be one of the first congratulating you on your Blog for this award. We all worked very hard to get the project of the ground and knowing that we received so much support is still incredible. That you are now receiving an award is amazing. We are very happy and proud to be a part of it.

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