Champions for Change Award – Part 3 – A journey to Remember.

031As the recipient of the Champions for Change Award, I will continue to raise awareness and to help many more children in need by organizing few more charitable events.

For those interested to watch the Champions for Change Award ceremony, a four minutes video clip is available on my YouTube Channel:

And as I promised, at each blog where I speak about charity for children, I will recognize few of the many supporters, which helped me to rise funds on my charitable event:  Mario-Fit Fighting for Kids. More than $4,000 were donated to help children in desperate needs for food and medicine. You can find them all on my charity event page:

But I was not the only one awarded with this prestigious recognition ‘Champion for Change Award’. In total, fifteen persons around the world received this honour for their commitment and devotion to help other people in need. And I am proud to be part of this community of individuals who show compassion and care for others.

And this is not all. Story[1]In fact on Saturday August 17, 2013 Dr. Oz was the master of ceremony for the Champions for Change 5K Run. He was leading the track where Olympic athletes, USANA Health Sciences staff and associates and many other supporters in Salt Lake City, raised an additional $175,000 for the True Health Foundation and Children’s Hunger Fund.

These funds will be used at 100% to help many more kids around the world.  And you can have my word when I say that children will benefit at 100% from these funds. I saw what Children’s Hunger Fund did with many orphans in Romania, and this is telling me a lot.But as I already mention, my award is the merit of many enthusiasts who supported my charitable event Mario-Fit Fighting for Kids.
Snapshot 1 (04-09-2013 9-32 PM)And today, as part of my recognition  I would like to applaud Mr. Sandeep Gil  from British Columbia that last year on November 20, 2013, organized a Krav Maga Israeli self defense seminar,  at his Burnaby Karate Academy.

At only three days from the 2012 BC Karate Provincial Championship, (at which I participated to raise funds) Mr. Sandeep invited me to instruct some of his students in realistic self defense. I was pleased to see his top provincial and national champions attending my self defense seminar.  Among them Arash Beytoei, Matt Bickel, Derek Chan, Matt Ly, Cody Martin, Jusleen Virk, , and  Cedomir Vasic, just to mention a few. More than $500 were raised by donations only, and offered entirely for helping many children in desperate need for food and medicine. Thank you all for donating to such a good cause. You also deserve the Champions for Change Award.

??????????Now, in partnership with Joshua Hensman – a youth worker with the city of Vancouver – we created the Vancouver Martial Arts Academy, with the intention to motivate our kids to a healthy lifestyle through martial arts.

Additionally to our instructions on Sport Karate for Competition for Long Term Athletic Development and Krav Maga Israeli Combat System for realistic self defense, we created also a fitness and nutrition program to be adopted by every associate and club members as part of a healthy lifestyle choice.

Krav_Maga 16And now we are positioned to organize even more anti-bullying and Krav Maga Israeli self defense seminars for children and their families at our Hillcrest location. And again, as usual donations raised will go 100% toward helping children in desperate need.

This is our promise and our commitment for 2013-2014.
And to achieve even more, our focus is to associate with other martial arts groups and sport organizations, willing to support charitable events for children, and  enthusiastic to promote health and physical fitness to their members.
Updated information will be available soon on our websites and Facebook pages:

More information about our fitness, nutrition and self defense programs, including our commitment to a healthy lifestyle choices can be soon founded on our Facebook Pages: MarioFit and Vancouver Martial Arts Academy as well as on our websites:  – healthy lifestyle, and nutritional tips – martial arts and self defense programs – fitness and health

Until next week, be healthy and fit for life