Your New Year Resolution – Exercise to Slow Aging

Exercise to Slow Aging? What You can Do to have a healthy and long life?

DSCF2219 - CopyAging is the progressive loss of metabolic and physiologic functions, and the biological structures of aging vary considerably among individuals. A sedentary lifestyle increases the tendency to aging-related diseases and premature death. Many clinical studies demonstrated that physically active people have cells that look younger at the molecular level than those that are sedentary. We all know that regular exercise plays a role in health and well-being. It was demonstrated that frequent exercisers display reduced cardiovascular risk factors, have a lower risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus, cancer, hypertension, obesity, and osteoporosis, which are all considered aging-related diseases.

And high intensity but low volume exercise has a positive effect on the telomeres length which acts as a biological aging clock. Telomeres consist of repeated DNA arrangements that play an important role in the structure and function of chromosomes. Telomeres and associated proteins cap the chromosomes, protecting them from degradation and end-to-end-fusion.

On my previous articles I provided information on how genetics and environmental factors may create oxidative stress and inflammation thus changing the telomere dynamics (telomere length and age-dependent attrition rate). I also advised you to have a healthy diet (high in fiber and quality foods. On top of this diet I recommended to take a high quality Multivitamin/Minerals formula enhanced with antioxidants and phytonutrients, to protect against the damage of free radicals (oxidative stress). I also warned you to take a high quality Essential Fatty Acids from high quality pharmaceutical grade fish oils, to prevent and to reduce internal inflammation. To better understand this connection, read my previous articles on Exercise, Telomeres, Healthy Aging and Nutritional

And now I also advise you to go and EXERCISE regularly.

Despite the known benefits of physical activity, inactivity continues to be a major public health problem in many countries in the world. Unfortunately, people in the low socio-economic status are predisposed to to have a sedentary lifestyle in addition to an unhealthy diet, smoking, drinking and obesity. Inactivity may diminish life expectancy not only by predisposing to aging-related diseases but also because it may influence the aging process itself.

I know that being in a low socio-economic status, might not permit you to eat quality foods (all the time) and to take nutritional supplements that might prevent the degenerative diseases related to aging. Your might have a stressful life, thinking how to cope with your circumstances.

And this chronic psychological stress is associated with harmful effects on physical health, and may operate in part through accelerated cell aging. Not a nice picture.


This is why I would like everyone to make EXERCISING as a New Year 2014 resolution.

A study, involving more than 2,400 British twins, found for the first time that exercise appears to slow aging by the shortening of telomeres. By comparison, about 100 minutes a week of activity such as tennis, swimming or running had telomeres that on average looked like those of someone about five or six years younger than those who don’t exercise.

But one of the best time effective exercises is the High Intensity Interval Training, who stimulate the release of the Human Growth Hormone (an anti-aging hormone) and promote the release of endorphins. For those who don’t know yet, enorphins are released when you are involved in strenuous exercise when the level of intensity is between moderate and high, and breathing is difficult. This also corresponds with the time that muscles use up their stored glycogen and physical pain may leave you with a “euphoric high” after.

Only 4-8 short burst of high intensity (sprint for 30 seconds) with full recovery (1-2 minutes) will do the job. And if you have some physical limitation, any kind of exercises (Push –ups, Mountain Climber, Burpees, and Tuck Jumps etc.)  that increases your temperature, make you short of breath and make a burning sensation in the muscle will do the job. And I said time efficient? All this workour can be done in  less than 10 minutes per day.

SO, make EXERCISE as your New Year Resolution.

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I wish you all to be healthy and prosperous on the New Year!

Network Marketing to Save Money? – MarioFit Business Report

How would you like to save 40% of your gross income? When you have money it is easier to decide if you want to be an employee, a business owner or an investor. But if you just survive from one pay-cheque to the other, you don’t have much choice since you are trapped into a “Rat Race Circle”. You go to work, and automatically your taxes are withdrawn from your pay-cheque.

According to Sandy Botkin – a former IRS Attorney, now the President of the Tax Reduction Institute – taxes are the largest expense for most people. It exceeds what they pay for food, clothing, lodging and transportation combined.imagesZEB5MLI3

Statistics show that in today’s world, the average person spends more than 40% of their gross income on taxes. If you are like most people, means you are likely working 4-6 months a year just to pay taxes and to support the government instead of your family! What is left is going to pay for your rent or mortgage, bills, food and other expenses and just very little or nothing to save.

But Sandy Botkin, advice is this: “Owning a home-based Network Marketing business is the best way for the average guy to take advantage of these tax breaks … Any home-based business, even part-time, that is not a hobby, and is in pursuit of a profit, can qualify for huge tax breaks – it is US Government law”.

And the taxable income is not only an American system, but applies to most countries around the world. So, the above statement can be true for many. (maybe some restriction might apply from country to country, but the system is the same)


Mr. Botkin also adds:

“If you have a Network-Marketing business, I can save you $3,000 to $9,000 in taxes every year; legally, morally, and ethically…There is no better way to create tax deductions, than owning your own small business, and in most cases, a network marketing business that you can run from your home…Many of the things that you consider personal property and cannot be deducted if you are an employee can now be deductible by those who have a small business. By owning a home-based business and taking advantage of the tax breaks available to you, you can keep more of your income, even if your business isn’t producing a profit? You just need to know the laws, and how to apply them.”

In my future article I will explain how legally anyone can reduce their taxable income, having a Direct Sell or a Home Based Network Marketing Business. Until then I would like to make it clear what is the difference between direct selling and network marketing.

Direct Selling or Network Marketing?

DIRECT SELLING is a marketing strategy where an independent representative is reaching and dealing directly with its clients, usually in their homes or at their jobs, but away from a fixed retail location. When they conclude a sell, they receive a percentage commission from the sell they complete. As the name imply you are a sells representative.

NETWORK MARKETING is a marketing strategy in which an independent representative of a company, refer (or market) a product or service to other people, but also recruit other persons to do the same and to build up a team. In this case your recruits will receive also a commission fee, and you will receive a commission, based on the volume of sells the company completed on a specific time due to your individual or combined effort in marketing their products. In this case you and your team are mostly marketers who use primarily their network of people they know and help the company they represent to complete more sells.

As an individual you can complete also a sell if you want, but mostly you are a marketer. And you can leverage your time by using and training a team of other network marketing representatives, and as the company increases their sells, you can get paid a percentage commission in multiple levels,  or you can get paid a fixed percentage commission for the total volume produce by you and your team.

Some people might ask: Is this not a pyramid marketing scheme? No is not. Even if clever people design pyramid scheme to look like a network marketing structure, they don’t usually have anything to sell, but just recruiting people into their scheme and get paid for this. Someone during the process will lose money.

Read more about Network Market Business with its advantages and disadvantages, on my next reports.I will explain also how to distinguish between a pyramid scheme and a real network marketing business. I will also cover which are the most profitable network marketing business in the world.

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How Your Financial Status is Affecting Your Health? – MarioFit Business Report

images79MD47ICPoor health and financial burden are the two major problems people are confronting now. Therefore I really believe that:

True Health is also True Wealth, but Wealth is also necessary to maintain Health.

As a registered Holistic and Sport Nutrition consultant, I always believe that proper nutrition and physical fitness directly affect our health and wellbeing. But with time and more experience, I realized that our positive state of mind and financial status impacts our health and our wellbeing BIG TIME.

Think about:

  • Do you have enough money, not to think about your future? In other words is your financial status secured for life? If not, I am sure that you struggle with finding a solution. Whether you look for a better job or for a business opportunity, your frustration might lead to some related stress.
  • And if you have a job or a business that might secure your income, do you have time to enjoy the money you earned?  To make more money, you probably end up working extended hours, and in this case you might have less time for yourself, for your family and friends. No time to exercise, no time to eat properly, and you gain weight. This is another stress ‘wealthy’ people are living with.
  • And financial burden is one of the biggest stresses of our modern word, causing a lot of health problems such as hormonal imbalances, heart disease, digestive problems, sleep problems, depression, autoimmune diseases, and skin conditions such as eczema.


  • images48T3RX1EMost people are living paycheque to paycheque.
  • Countless people lie awake at night worrying about money-related issues.
  • Only in Canada, the credit card debt totaled a $73.7 billion at the end of 2012.
  • Most people work 4 to 6 months a year just to pay taxes.

According to Robert Kiyosaki – a very successful business investor and the creator of the CASH FLOW QUADRANTS – there are 4 types of people with different mindset about money:

cashflow[1]E -Employee: Earn income by working for other people – someone else is in charge of their job.

S – Self-employed worker: Earn income by working for them – they own their jobs and they decide about their work

B – Business owner: Earn income from the businesses they own – they are in charge of their business.

I – Investor: Earn income from their investments – money generating more money and so on.


Recently I completed a questionnaire with “Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad’ Coaching Program” to help me get started on my path to financial freedom. And one of the questions was: ARE YOU AS FINANCIALLY WEALTHY AS YOU WANT TO BE?

Based on my other responses, it appears that  I exhibit the mindset of someone in the ‘S’ and also ‘B’ quadrant.

Like many people, initially I was looking for a safe, secure job with good pay and excellent benefits. I was an employee. But after tax I realize that I am just surviving paycheque to paycheque. But then I understand that nobody can do it better than me, so I become self-employed and I was trying to generate most of my income. I was thinking that if the fee for my services would be $75/hour I will get over. But I was wrong. Running for customers to make more money, and ignoring my family was not what I wanted. Then I started my own business and I hired other people to work for me. I ended up to be more at work and also to babysit my employees. I got the money but I lost my free time.

So I asked the experts again and I get these advices:

“Making more money will not solve your problems if cash flow management is your problem.” – Robert Kiyosaki

1. Think like the rich. Invest in yourself and invest in your business. If you have a lot of money invests and invest agai   n. And don’t be greedy. You will see results.

2. Don’t let old habits get the best of you and your finances. Let go of old habits, ideas, people who are not serving your best interests. This is not easy as you have to step out of your “comfort zone” or other habits and thinking patterns. And don’t try to make an excuse as to why you should not change, rather than embrace change.

3. Start a Network Marketing Business. (with less than $500). If you don’t have money to invest and you really want to help you and also help others, but you are limited by time or money, then a network marketing business is the most appropriate venture to start. Find a good network marketing company that have a good product or service, and become a marketer for them. You will receive a commission bonus, based on the volume of sells the company provide weekly or monthly due to your marketing efforts. Since the compensation plans differ from one company to the other, you must do your diligent search and choose the one that best fits your needs.


I did my own research and I founded that NETWORK MARKETING is not a scheme to make money, as long as you market a physical product or a service, not just recruiting some people into an organization (and get paid) without any exchange goods. And I also find out that only 10% of people are successful in network marketing. But the initial small investment is worth the risk to take.

And  I decided to be one of the 10% people who are successful.  I choose nutrition and health. And now I am an associate with USANA Health Sciences, one of the best company in anti-aging nutritional supplements. And as I believe in their products (I use them extensively) I considered this a very good investment.

At the end I understand that my thoughts drive my behavior.  So, simply put, the most effective way to change my life and my financial situation was to change the way I think.

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Be Aware of Cardiovascular Disease – My Sad Athletic Story

In my 35 + years  experience in martial arts, I have had the chance to teach the art of self-discipline and fighting strategies to kids, adults and many military officials. And through my personal example, my focus was always to promote a healthy lifestyle, before any athletic performances.

karate romania 3 001 - CopyAs a competitive athlete in martial I was training with some of the best martial arts practitioners and top athletes in Europe, particularly in Romania, Italy, Germany and France. And I was working hard for my recognition.

And what was the cost?

In Romania, I was a national champion many times between 1983 and 1989. And as I moved to Italy, in 1990, I trained even harder as my believing was so strong that I can  become a European or even an international champion.

121_HIVCardiovascularDisease-610x390[1]But in 1991, in Milano Italy, at the annual sport medical assessment, I was found to have abnormal beating of the heart (arrhythmia and palpitations) and I was advised to see a specialist in cardiovascular diseases. Personally I was thinking that this might be possible because overexertion, excessive adrenaline, and maybe caffeine.

I was only 29 years old and full of energy. I was refusing to think that I could have some potential disease to my heart.

But I followed the advice and I have had a chance to spoke to Dr. Alessandro Lanzani, a sport medicine doctor specialized in metabolic syndrome, hypercholesterolemia, obesity and functional fitness. This doctor helped me to get a more understanding on what is going on into my body.

Dr. Lanzani, explained me that an increase in oxygen consumption during an intensive training, will lead to an elevation of free radical production and implicit an oxidative stress. Excess free radicals create internal injuries to the cells, and as a result promote also inflammation, disrupting their function. We need antioxidants to prevent the oxidative stress, and essential fatty acids to combat inflammation.

But as I was sceptical to take supplements (I was looking for some anti-arrhythmic medicine) Dr. Lanzani   explained to me that eating a diet ‘rich in antioxidant-containing foods’ such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, founded in Mediterranean diet, is indeed linked to a reduced risk of cardiovascular (heart and blood vessels) diseases, but for athletes this is not enough.

What? A healthy diet is not enough? Why?

Yes – he argues – is not enough. And then he explained: “We need a surplus of B vitamins which you easily lost with increased perspiration, and we need a good balance between Calcium and Magnesium (2:1). We also need antioxidant supplements such as vitamins A, C, E and the mineral selenium and also essential fatty acids. And this on top of our Mediterranean diet”oxidativestress[1]

I have to recognize that my first reaction was that this guy is trying to sell some expensive supplements as part of his private practice. So, I find an excuse to leave. But later I realized I was wrong. He didn’t sell me anything. He just tried to educate me.

Few months after, in Italy, at one of the major national competition, one of their best Italian athletes (competing at the international level) dropped dead from a heart attack. It was a surprise for many, but for me it was a shock, since I was in a position where my heart created me some problems.

So, I returned to Dr. Lanzani, this time with an opened mind.

And after some physical examination and an expensive blood sample test, I got a prescription for  anti-arrhythmia,  to take it for one month, but also a prescription for some for nutritional supplements to take them for at least six month.

red_bold_rx_frame[1]My prescription included: mega doses of B vitamins, a supplement of Calcium with Magnesium and vitamin D, a quality multivitamins from Switzerland, and expensive pharmaceutical grade fish oil from Germany. In total about $400/month supply. And I kept this treatment for about 8 month.

So, as I get better, and better, with no symptoms of arrhythmia or other related signs, I started to search medical literature and to study many books related to fitness, nutrition, and nutritional supplements for a healthier lifestyle.

Since my personal experience in 1991, I become my own guinea pig. And based on my extensive research and on my personal experience, now I recommend to everyone, athletes or not, to take at least a good multivitamin/mineral supplement, a broad spectrum of antioxidants and essential fatty acids additional to a healthy diet. I will tell you more on my next articles.

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Ești nebun? – Pentru Boli Cardiovasculare to Recomanzi Exerciții de Intensitate Mare?

red_bold_rx_frame[1]Ce parere ai avea, dacă cineva care a fost deja diagnosticat cu hipertensiune arterială, sau altă formă de boala cardiovasculara, în loc de medicamente , veți obține la controlul medical o rețetă de a exersa? Și nu de mers pe jos sau ușoara alergare prin parc, ci sprint la viteza maximă. Și aceasta ar fi prescripția:

Rx: 3 x săptămână

  • 10 secunde sprint (ca și când vrei sa prinzi autobuzul care aproape pleacă)
  • 60 de secunde de mers pe jos (sau până când vă recuperați respirația)
  • 10 secunde sprint (ca și când te aleargă un leu)
  • 60 de secunde de mers pe jos (sau până când vă recuperați respirația)
  • Repetă acest ciclu de 6-8 ori de 2-3 ori pe săptămână .
  • Și, dacă aveți un genunchi mai dureros sau alte probleme asemănătoare , sprint-ul poate fi substitut cu orice alt tip de mișcări scurte și explozive .

Evident, ar fi greu să acceptați acest sfat al medicului. Probabil ca veți riposta” Eu sa alerg? Sa sprintez când eu am o afecțiune cardiovasculară? Ești nebun? Ce, eu sunt sportiv de performanta? Nu știi ca antrenamentul foarte intens pe intervale scurte de timp, este folosit în mod obișnuit de către sportivii de performanta pentru creșterea vitezei și a rezistentei?

aerobic-exercises[1]Și, din moment ce mulți oameni sunt sceptici la aceste sfaturi , cel mai probabil, ca ei se vor întoarce la rutina lor regulara a exerciților aerobice de intensitate moderata.

Dar poate că a venit timpul să va reconsiderati opțiunile .

Cercetatorii in domeniul medical au testat exercițiile explosive și de înaltă intensitate (de genul  interval de antrenament (HIFIT))cu persoane cu hipertensiune arteriala , diabet sau alte boli degenerative. Și au constatat o îmbunătățire a stării de sănătate a multor pacienți care au performat exerciții intensive de scurta durata. De asemenea s-a constatat ca exercițiile anaerobice de intensitate mare, sunt mult mai mai eficiente decât exercitiile  aerobice de lunga durata.

De ce H.I.F.I.T. (High Intensity Functional Interval Training)

Intervalele intense sunt de genul exerciților: Sprint + Mers pe jos.

Sprint-ul este un exercițiu intens anaerobic (energia este produsa fără oxigen) care stimulează fibrele musculare ce utilizează în primul rând glicogenul din mușchi. Cunoscute și sub denumirea de fibre musculare rapide sau explosive, ele generează mai multă putere dar de scurta durata.

Mersul pe jos, este un exercițiu aerobic de nivel scăzut, (energia este produsa in prezenta oxigenului) care stimulează mai mult fibrele musculare lente și care sunt mai performante in mișcarea de durata mai lunga. Împreună (sprint + mers) va face sa crească capacitatea mușchilor de a prelua glucoza din corp și de a o utiliza mai eficient pentru producerea energiei.

In plus, antrenamentele de intensitate mare pe intervale scurte, au dovedit o mai buna condiționarea a sistemului cardiovascular, și a demonstrate sa ardă de trei ori mai multe grăsimi in corp și în doar jumătate din timpul pe care îl petrec alții folosind exerciții de aerobice regulate?

Ce preferi: 10  minute de sprint pe intervale scurte sau 90 minute de alergare continua?

Black tonometer and heart isolated on white“Pentru a vindeca o inima, te antrenezi mai intens”

Acest articol in original ‘To Heal a Heart, Train Harder’ a fost publicat în iunie 2011 , în revista  Wall Street Journal, unde s-a subliniat că, indiferent ca pare riscant sa te antrenezi intens, cercetarile de la Clinica Mayo și alte centre de reabilitare din tarile Scandinave in Europa, au dovedit ca pacienții care suferă de insuficienta cardiaca și boala coronariana, pot beneficia de exercitiul fizic intens. De asemenea au constatat ca pacienții care au fost in recuperare dupa un atac de cord, sau care au avut un by-pass, și-au îmbunătățit capacitatea organismului de a transporta și de a folosi oxigen prin exercițiile scurte și intense.

Asociația Canadiana de Reabilitare Cardiaca a publicat în anul 2009 , cea mai recentă versiune a liniilor directoare pentru reabilitare cardiaca, și au confirmat că există suficiente dovezi convingatoare ca intensitate mare a exercitiului fizic pe interval scurte (anaerobe) duce de fapt și la o îmbunătățirea capacității aerobice, cât și la o starea funcționala mai buna.  Și au concluziona ca acest tip de exercițiu fizic explosive și intens, poate fi folosit ca o alternativă la pregătirea fizica aerobica (tradițională) a celor cu boli cardiace.

CONCLUZIE : Cel mai important lucru de luat în considerare, este că puteți obține toate beneficiile legate de sănătatea inimii dumneavoastra, de performantele atletice deosebite cât și si de o- îmbătrânire mai sănătoasa, folosind acest H.I.F.I.T. – High Intensity Functional Interval Training.

Iți vei îmbunătății tonusul muscular și vei experimenta un progres în putere, viteza , rezistenta  și agilitate. în doar câteva săptămâni .

In concluzie: Exercițiile intensive de scurta durata imbunatateste mai bine condiția cardiaca și la pacienții cu boli cardiovasculare. In plus aceste exerciții stimulează testosteronul și hormonal de creștere care au un efect de rejuvenare (întinerire) cit și un efect de slăbit mai sănătos. Verificați și cu medicul dumneavoastră veridiciatatea acestor studii și daca aveți vreo boala de inima, începeți un exerciții de intensitate mai mare dar numai sub supravegere medicala.

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Are you Crazy? – High Intensity Exercises for Cardiovascular Diseases?

121_HIVCardiovascularDisease-610x390[1]What if you are already diagnosed with Hypertension, or other form of cardiovascular disease and at your medical check up visit, instead of medication, you get a prescription to exercise.

Rx: 3 x week:

  • Sprint for 10 seconds
  • Walk for 60 seconds (or until you recover your breath)
  • Sprint for 10 seconds
  • Walk for 60 seconds (or until you recover your breath)

And if you have a knee or other lower limbs problems, sprinting can be substitute with any other type of short explosive movements. And repeat this cycle for 6-8 times or even more 2-3 times per week. And as you see, not  jogging in the park, but actually sprinting at almost maximum speed.

athletes600[1]Whoa, you might say! Sprinting when you have a cardiovascular condition? Are you out of your mind? Intense interval training is commonly used by athletes to increase their speed and endurance. Obviously would be hard to take your doctor advice.

And since many people are skeptical to these advices, most likely they will return to their old regular low aerobic routine.  Maybe is  time to reconsider your options.

According to new medical research using high intensity functional interval training (H.I.F.I.T.) in people with hypertension, diabetes and other degenerative conditions, found that high intensity training improve the medical condition of many patients and that it can reduced blood pressure more than any other steady workout regimen.

Why H.I.F.I.T. High Intensity Functional Interval Training 

Sprinting is an intense exercise that uses primarily muscle fibers known as fast-twitch muscle fibers, which generate more power using anaerobic (without oxygen) use of glucose. Walking, which is a low aerobic exercise, use primarily the slow-twitch fibers using aerobic (with oxygen) use of glucose. Together this type of training increases the capacity of the muscles to take up extra glucose. High Intensity Training, improve better the cardiovascular conditioning, and demonstrate to burn three times more fat in just half the time you spend with regular aerobic exercises?

To Heal a Heart, Train Harder

Black tonometer and heart isolated on whiteThis article ‘To Heal a Heart, Train Harder’ was published in June 2011 in The Wall Street Journal, pointed out that even if it sounds risky, research at the Mayo Clinic and other European Rehabilitation Centre, pointed out that using supervised short but highly intense exercise with patients suffering from heart failure and coronary artery disease, and those recovering by bypass surgery and heart attacks, improves the ability of the body to transport and use oxygen.

Also, the Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation published in 2009, the most recent version of the guidelines for cardiac rehab, confirmed that there are enough compelling evidence that high intensity interval training can lead to improvements in aerobic capacity, functional status and quality of life, and that it can be used as an alternative to traditional continuous training.

CONCLUSION: The most important thing to consider here is that you can get all the heart-related benefits of cardio routines, athletic performances and anti-aging improvement from “High-Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT), and here’s the best part: you will actually see better progress in your strength, speed, stamina, agility and the way you look in just a matter of weeks.

So, go and do your own research to see if this is true. And when you are convinced, start a high intensity short interval training, and burn also that extra pounds of fat. But first check with your doctor show him this article and all the research, and start a high intensity training under the supervision of a medically authority.

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5 motive pentru care oamenii nu vor să exerseze fizic!

Recunoaștem cu toții că activitățiile fizice regulare joaca un rol important în sănătatea , bunăstarea și calitatea vieții . Și în conformitate cu Centrul pentru Controlul și Prevenirea Bolilor din S.U.A, al Agentiei pentru Sănătate Publica din Canada și al Comisiei Europene Pentru Sănătate, exercitiul fizic regular poate reduce riscul oamenilor de a avea un atac de cord, cancer la colon, hipertensiune arteriala , diabet zaharat , precum și a ajuta în controlul greutății normale, poate calma durerea de artrita și poate chiar reduce simptomele de depresie.

Atunci de ce majoritatea  adulților  evită să exerseze în mod regular?

Mai mult de jumătate din populația adulta din SUA și Canada nu participa în activități fizice, la nivelurile compatibile cu recomandarile de sănătate publica . De asemenea în Europa, activitățiile fizice sunt o problemă mare, pentru ca mai mult de jumătate din populația Uniunii Europene este supraponderala sau obeza.

Fiecare individual poate ca are motivele lui pentru care nu poate sau nu vrea să exerseze. Și oricare ar fi barierele tale, nu uita ca în final este vorba de sănătatea ta.

Dar nu te intrista! Chiar daca motivele tale sunt întemeiate sa nu exersezi (bani, timp, oboseala, dureri articulare) probabil ca am o soluție pentru unii dintre voi . Și de ce nu, poate chiar și un mijloc de motivare care să te facă sa exersezi!

Bazat pe ultimele cercetari făcute in domeniul prevenirii îmbătrânirii premature și a bolilor degenerative, in prezent lucrez la un program de fitness și nutriție care combinat vor da rezultate formidabile pentru cei care vor sa slăbească, sa își tonifice mușchii, sa își regenereze țesuturile și sa aibe mai multa energie.

Mario Training 010Acest program a fost testat de mine personal la virsta de 50 ani, si este bazat pe exercițiile funcționale scurte dar explosive, care în numai 15 minute, pot fi efectuat oriunde folosind propriul corp: la sala de sport, la birou , în parc sau la domiciliu. Combinat cu o dieta adecvată și cu anumite suplimente nutriționale specifice, rezultatele vor fi vizibile din prima luna.

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Dar, înainte de a intra mai în amănunt in specificul acestui program, as vrea să înțelegeti de ce oamenii nu vor sau nu pot să exerseze. În opinia mea, care se bazează si pe experiența mea personală , acestea sunt primele cinci motive pentru care oamenii nu exersează regular.

Primul motiv: Nu iți place să exersezi.

Oamenii nu sunt interesați să exerseze, deoarece aceștia cauta mai mult plăcerile și comoditatea, si de aceea vor face aproape tot posibilul pentru a evita durerea fizica.  Și din moment ce aceste persoane caută mai mult plăcerea și  mai puțin  durerea , atunci când vine vorba de a alege între a sta pe canapea uitindu-se la TV, cu o bere in mina, sau de a merge la o sală de gimnastică , ei vor prefera opțiunea sedentara .

Al doilea motiv : Tu nu ai timp sa exersezi

În timp ce exercițiile periodice vor îmbunătăți starea generala de sănătate , multi oameni nu vor exersa ca urmare a faptului că nu au timp . Potrivit cu Forbes, lipsa de timp este cea mai comuna scuza a oamenilor pentru a nu exersa. Și, pot să înțeleg asta . Mergi la serviciu, vii înapoi, in aglomerație, ceea ce ar putea sa-ți mănânce 10 ore din timpul tău.  Și când vii acasă , dacă ai o soție sau un soț și un copil (sau mai multi), care concurează pentru atenția ta , atunci s-a dus timpul pentru exerciții fizice regulate .

Al treilea motiv : Ești bolnav și în durere

Boli fizice sunt una dintre cele mai comune bariere în calea exercițiu . Asta e , în ciuda faptului că problemele de sănătate încerca puternic pentru a motiva oamenii cu durere pentru a încerca să fie mai activi . Dar, dacă aveți un prejudiciu de jos a spatelui , rigiditate gat , o inflamație la genunchi , sau orice alt disconfort structural , durere , cel mai probabil este ținându-vă departe de exercitarea în aer liber sau în sala de gimnastică .

Al patrulea motiv: Nu mai ai motivație sa exersezi

Chiar dacă unii vor avea timp sa exerseze, și probabil, încep un program mai regular de a exersa, in final vor renunța, deoarece ei nu văd rezultate rapide. Alte persoane nu se pot adapta la noile schimbări în viața lor , și care ar putea fi intimidate de echipamentul cu care ar trebui sa exerseze, în timp ce altele persoane nu se simt confortabil sa exerseze in fata altor persoane. Într-adevăr, exercitiul fizic poate fi o nouă provocare pentru mulți . În cazul în care o persoana nu se adaptează , motivațiile de a exersa în mod regulat va dispărea .

Al cincilea motiv: Tu nu ai bani .

Fie că nu ai bani să plătești să mergi la o sală de gimnastică, fie că nu ai bani si trebuie să muncești mai multe ore, in final renunti să exersezi. În America de Nord rata de membru la o sală de gimnastică este de $40 – 60 de dolari pe lună pentru fiecare individ . În Europa ar putea fi mai scump ajungând în unele țări chiar și la 150 dolari pe luna. În plus in unele regiuni din America sau Europa, exercitiul în aer liber nu este o opțiune pentru mulți . Având doar un venit mic, este probabil un factor foarte important în decizia de a exersa sau nu.

În ciuda faptului că a fost demonstrat deja ca exercitiul fizic regulat creează mai multa energie și o voie buna, s-a mai dovedit și ca este cea mai buna modalitate de a pierde din surplusul adipos (grăsimea). De asemenea s-a dovedit ca exercitiul fizic regular, poate îmbunătăți și funcția cognitiva, poate ajuta la controlul hipertensiunii arteriale și poate reduce riscul de a deveni trist și depresat. Totuși oamenii preferă încă stilul lor de viață mai sedentar .

Dacă doriți cu adevărat sa beneficiați de programul meu ‘anti-aging’ veți avea acces la el pe GRATIS.

Dupa cum am spus protocolul meu consta in 15 minute de exerciții fizice de tipul exploziv dar de scurta durata (30 secunde) , efectuate cu propria greutate a corpului (acasă, la oficiu, in parc sau la gym) de 2-3 ori pe săptămâna.

Adițional  acestor exerciții explosive, o dieta glicemica mai redusa, combinata cu suplimente nutritive specific pe care le recomand , va regula insulina in sânge și va stimula și testosteron-ul cât și hormonul de creștere, care va avea un efect de întinerire a corpul tău.

Și bineînțeles ca un rezultat ‘advers’ iți vei întări sistemul muscular in timp ce vei pierde din masa adipoasa (grăsimea acumulata). Dar nu numai atât. Acest protocol va stimula de asemenea si activitatea enzimatică a telomerazei, o enzima care regenerează si care protejează telomerii de a fi distruși când divizarea celulara va avea loc.


Mai multe informații relatate la programul meu vor fi publicate in Ianuarie 2014. Abonați-va la la newsletter-ul meu și veți primi toate informațiile necesare pentru o viata mai lunga și mai sănătoasă. Adresa este:

Five Reasons People Won’t Exercise!

Why people do not want to exercise? We all know that regular physical activities play an important role in the health, well-being and quality of life. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention and to the Public Health Agency of Canada, exercising regularly, can lower people’s risk of a heart attack, colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as help with weight control, relieve arthritis pain and even reduce symptoms of depression.

Then why is it that most people avoid to exercise or get an excuse not to…

Kids-Cats-Grown-Ups-How-to-Get-those-Couch-Potatoes-OFF-the-Couch[1]More than half of U.S. and Canada adults do not engage in activity, and levels consistent with public health recommendations. Also in Europe, physical activities are a big problem with half of the European Union population being overweight or obese. And there are many personal reasons people might not want to exercise.

Whatever your barriers are, it is all about your health.

But don’t get sad! It doesn’t matter what your reasons are not to exercise, I probably have a solution for some of you. And why not, maybe a motivational means?

2011 Mario 49 years

I am 51 years old and I personally experience the results of my anti-aging program, where short burst of specific exercises combined with specific nutritional supplements, can stimulate the grow hormone, rejuvenating your body. And as a side results you will BUILD MUSCLE while LOSING Unwanted Fat in only 15 minutes per day.

But this not all. This protocol will also stimulate the telomerase enzymatic activity, protecting the telomeres from damage and extending life. Se my previous articles on Telomeres.

And since I am re-designing my 15 minutes ANTI-AGING protocol, to fit also your needs, I decided to give it to you for FREE (in January 2014) .  Just sign up to my newsletter and I will make sure that you receive all the related information in time.

But let’s see what are the reasons people don’t exercise. In my opinion and based on my personal experience, below are the top five reasons people don’t exercise regularly:

First Reason: You Don’t Like to Exercise

People would not like to exercise, because humans seek mostly pleasures and will do almost anything to avoid pain. And since most individuals seek pleasure not pain, when it comes to choosing between sittings on the couch watching TV, or going to a gym, they just prefer the sedentary option. Despite the fact that research demonstrates exercising regularly is a great way for people to lose weight, it also proved to improve cognitive function, help control hypertension and reduce the risk of developing depression, people still prefer the sedentary lifestyle.

Second Reason: You don’t Have Time

While regular exercises improve your overall health, many people won’t do it due to the fact that they don’t have time.  According to Forbes, this is the most common excuse why people do not exercise; lack of time. And, I can understand that. Going back and forth to work might take you about ten hours of your time. Than coming home, if you have a wife and a child (or more) who compete for your attention, then you are “screwed up” with your other time for exercising regularly.

Third Reason: You’re in Pain

Physical illnesses are one of the most common barriers to exercise. That’s despite the fact that health concerns strongly try to motivate people with pain to try to be more active. But if you have a lower back injury, neck stiffness, a knee inflammation, or any other structural discomfort, most likely pain is keeping you away from exercising outdoor or in the gym.

Forth Reason:  You don’t Have Motivation

Even if people get some time, and probably start exercises, mostly will quit since they don’t see fast results. Other people can’t adapt to new changes in their life, might be intimidated by the equipment they need to use, while others don’t get comfortable to workout out in front of other people. Yes! Exercising is a new challenge for many. If they don’t adapt, then the motivations to exercise regularly vanish.

Fifth Reason:  You are in a Low Income

In North America the average monthly gym membership rate is $40 to $60 per month for each individual.  In Europe the gym membership might be more expensive reaching in some countries even $150 per person.  And in some American or European countries, exercising outdoor is not an option for many. Only having a low income, is probably a big factor in keeping people from exercising.

If you really want to get the benefits of exercising regularly, but you don’t have time, or money, or if you lack motivation or if you are sick,  my re-designed functional fitness protocol, might fit into your busy schedule and budget. It is FREE and available to all. This protocol is based on the latest discoveries on ANTI-AGING research, using a High Intensity Functional Interval Training (H.I.T.F.I.T.)  that can be performed anywhere – at the gym at the office, in the park or at home. People can get the most of their exercise routine in only 15 minutes using their own bodyweight.

And when this protocol is combined with the proper nutritional supplements, you will feel the energy and the health benefits that comes with this.

So stay focus and subscribe to our newsletter:


Ai exces de greutate? S-ar putea ca viața ta să devină mai scurta. Creșterea în greutate și longevitatea este subiectul actual al cercetatorilor in domeniul geneticii si al longevitatii. Și aceasta depinde de lungimea telomerilor care ne influențează sănătatea noastră celulară și implicit longevitatea.

Am arătat în articolul anterior cum telomerii (capetele de nucleotide spiralate ce protejează cromozomii atunci când celulele umane se divid) influenteaza longevitatea.

telomere_fig_one[1]Iar oamenii grași sau chiar obezi, chiar dacă sunt relativ sănătoși, au telomerii mai scurți și implicit o durată de viață mai scurtă , comparativ cu persoanele cu greutate normala. Aceasta a fost concluzia cercetatorilor de la Universitatea din Siena din Italia, care au evaluat lungimea telomerilor la subiecții cu greutate normala în comparație cu cei mai grași dar aparent sănătoși. Această cercetare a fost confirmată și de investigațiile efectuate în Spania, la Departamentul de Diabet, Endocrinologie și Nutriție, care a ajuns la concluzia că lungimea telomerilor este mai scurta la persoanele supraponderate. Și această caracteristică a fost recunoscută ca fiind sursa de îmbătrânire prematura a persoanelor grase și care contribuie de asemenea la mortalitatea mai ridicata a lor.

Re-epithelialization-through-cell-division[1]In articolele mele anterioare am accentuat faptul că atunci când celulele noastre “se îmbolnăvesc” și nu mai pot să se repare, încep un proces de divizare pentru a proteja codul nostru genetic (ADN-ul) din cromozomi. Și am dezvăluit de asemenea cum in timpul unei divizarii celulare, in loc să se piardă informații importante din codul genetic (împachetat in cromozomi) un telomer de la sfârșitul cromozomului se va diviza și va pierde din nucleotide lui, protejând de deteriorari noua celulă formată. Astfel la fiecare diviziune celulară telomerii vor deveni din ce in ce mai scurți. Și mai știm (tot din articolul anterior) că oamenii de științe au agreat că aceste celule umane se pot diviza doar de vreo 50 de ori într-o viata umană, ducă care începe un proces de îmbătrânire mai rapidă. Probabil că această limită (cunoscuta sub numele de limita Hayflick ) este rezultatul scurtarii telomerilor până la punctul în care în care celulele noastre nu mai pot fi protejate și astfel încep să se deterioreze mai repede.

Dar ce are de-a face grăsimea cu sănătatea noastră celulara ?

Știm ca obezitatea duce la boli de inima , accidente vasculare cerebrale , diabet zaharat tip 2 și anumite tipuri de cancer. Dar cercetări in domeniul geneticii, au demonstrate de asemenea că persoanele grase au deja deja telomerii mai scurți indiferent de vârsta. De aceea importanța menținerii unei greutăți normale atât la adulți cât și la copii este de dorit.


Potrivit Centrului pentru Controlul și Prevenirea Bolilor din SUA, mai mult de o treime din adulți sunt obezi , iar costurile medicale asociate cu obezitatea au fost estimate la peste 147 de miliarde de dolari. De asemenea costurile medicale plătite de alți contribuabili (agenții de asigurari) pentru oamenii care sunt obezi au depășit cu peste 1.429 de dolari limita anuală pe persoană, in comparatie cu cei cu greutate normală .


Canada, ca multe alte națiuni , este în mijlocul unei epidemii a excesului de greutate și obezitate. În prezent, 60 % dintre canadienii adulți sunt fie supraponderali fie obezi. Ca urmare a obezității, există de asemenea costuri economice semnificative și pentru Canada. Numai în anul 2001 aceste costuri au fost estimate la 4.3 miliarde dolari . De atunci și pina in prezent, aceste costuri au crescut si mai mult.

Cercetatorii din SUA a prezis că la ritmul actual de cresterea in greutate, până în anul 2015 , mai mult de 75 la suta din adulți vor fi obezi. Dacă această tendință continua și in Canada, în câțiva ani ne putem aștepta la peste 70 % din adulții de varsta mijlocie (30-50 ani) sa fie supraponderali sau obezi .


Adevărul trist este că și la copii, existata o creștere dramatică în greutate care este nesănătoasa. În rândul copiilor și adolescenților din SUA , prevalenta obezității s-a triplat din 1980 . Aproximativ 12,5 milioane de copii și adolescenți cu vârste cuprinse între 2-19 ani sunt obezi și mult mai multi sunt deja grași. În Canada, aproximativ 26 % din copii cuprinși între vârsta de 2-17 de ani, sunt în prezent grasi sau obezi .


Dar eu trăiesc în Europa, vei spune. Chiar mai rău! Conform Organizatiei Mondiale a Sănătății , obezitatea in Europa este unul dintre cei mai mari inamici ai sănătății publice. Statisticile arată că prevalența obezității în Europa s-a triplat în comparatie cu anii 1980. Iar numărul celor afectați, continuă să crească într-un ritm alarmant . În plus excesul de greutate care cauzează diferite dezabilitati fizice cât și probleme psihologice, creste drastic si riscul unei persoane de a dezvolta o serie de boli degenerative, inclusiv boli cardiovasculare , cancer și diabet .

Ce parare ai despre tine? Ești unul dintre ei? Ești supraponderal ? Ești mai gras? Ești deja obez?

Dacă vrei sa trăiești o viață mai sănătoasă și cu o greutate normala, si daca vrei să îți extinzi durata de viață, continuă să citești articolele mele. Vei găsi informații importante cu privire la sănătatea ta și cum ai putea sa o păstrezi .

Daca aceasta informație ți-a fost de folos te rog sa o împarți și cu alții. Și daca aveți neclarități sau întrebari de pus, nu ezitați să mă contactați.

Sursa de informatie: Acta Paediatric. 2008 Jul;97(7):952-4, International Journal of Obesity (2010) 34, 1345–1348; Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Childhood Obesity Foundation, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Reuter Agency, World Health Organization.