Karate Canada National Championship – Our Unique Experience

The 2014 Karate Canada National Championship was held at the Richmond Olympic Oval in British Columbia on January 17-19. During the three day competition, participants from all Canadian provinces contended to win a medal for themselves or for their team.One of them was Joshua Hensman representing Team BC. (British Columbia). I coached Josh for about 10 month and he qualified to participated for the first time into a karate national competition (at the age of 34)

Our Unique Story

IMG_2155I meet Joshua in 2012, at the False Creek Community Centre in Vancouver BC. He was a youth worker with the City of Vancouver, and I was teaching a weekend Family Krav Maga Self Defense Program. At that time, at the age of 50, I was preparing to win a top place in the BC Karate Championship and to prove that a healthy lifestyle with systematic training and proper nutrition including the USANA Health Sciences nutritional supplements can make a competitive athlete at any age.

And to keep my motivation high I decided to attach this competition to a charitable event to raise funds for Children’s Hunger Fund to provide 70,000 meals for kids in desperate need.  And I invited my friends to support my charitable activities.  See my event here: http://www.mariofitfightingforkids.com/.

As I shared to Josh my intention to participate at the 2012 BC Karate Provincial Championship, and to raise funds for children in need, he was one of the first people to support my charitable actions. At the competition I qualified second on my weight category (+84 kg) to represent British Columbia at the 2013 National Championship in Toronto. Unfortunately, due to some family related problems, I was not able to attend this Championship. I get sad and disappointed, but this is life, and must be lived.

But as I meet Josh, in short time, we get to know each other interest, and we also discuss the potential to have a private location and a possible partnership business promoting fitness, martial arts self defense and nutrition.

In January 2013, I invited Josh at Tactix Gym, to attend a Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense Seminar with my friend Moshe Katz from Israel.  As I saw Josh performing at this seminar, I make a funny comment: “You move better than many sport karate athletes. Maybe you should participate to a competition and win a medal”. He took it seriously and asked me to train him for competition.

So, on February 2013, we started to train two times per week. Having a background on karate (as a youth in New Zealand) and some experience in fitness kickboxing, at the beginning Josh was extremely stiff in his karate movements. Despite the fact that the time was too short to the qualification for Zone 5 events (April 2013) I saw Joshua’s determination to become a competitive karate athlete, and I decided to push him a little harder.

usana_essentials__92169-1353691843-1280-12801[1]Knowing that a hard training can increase oxidation and inflammation to the working body, I introduced Josh to the top rated USANA Health Sciences nutritional supplements. Having my personal experience using USANA’s nutritionals, I founded that my body recovered faster after an intense training session.

In fact USANA offers a million dollars “Athlete Guarantee Program” to select sponsored athletes, assuring the athlete that their products are enrolled in the program test positive for a banned substance and are  in accordance to the World Anti-Doping Agency regulations.

On April 2013, as we increased the intensity and the volume of our trainings, Joshua started to take USANA’s top rated supplements in the world: ESSENTIALS – a multivitamin/mineral/antioxidant formula, BIOMEGA3 – an essentially fatty acid to prevent inflammation and PROCOSA – a winning joint support formula.

Here are Joshua’s testimonials:

“Having had knee surgery in the past and multiple joint sprains, I really noticed the difference Procosa made in how my joints felt. This is particularly the case during and after intense training sessions, which is when I would previously notice more discomfort. Thank goodness I had Procosa to fortify my joints!”

“I found that taking ESSENTIALs and BIOMEGA soon after I had been training was very effective in reducing muscle soreness and inflammation. This improved the speed of my recovery and enabled me to reduce my recovery time”

At the zone 5, BC, Josh qualified to compete in the provincial championship (May 2013) in 2 different categories -75 kg and open. He also competed at the BC Karate Championship and qualified for the 2014, Karate Canada National championship to participate in an open challenge.

As the time approached to the January 2014 National Championship, we tuned up our tactical and technical training focusing on speed and finalization. On December 2013, we also get the tactical support from Catalin Neagu (aka Nick) – 5 DAN – who practice competitive martial arts in Las Vegas. Nick, who is the also the chief instructor for Japan Karate Association in Romania, was my former training partner in 1982-1988.

At the last training session with the Karate BC Elite Team, Josh was informed about an opening for a participant in the -67 kg kumite (fighting). And he was informed that if he commits to lose some weight he can be the best candidate.

Since Josh was about 70 kg at the end of December, and only 3 weeks to the National Championship, he supposed to lose about 7-8 pounds of his weight. At that time Josh was trim and fit with no body fat to lose. And since I knew that a starvation diet with sauna and long aerobic exercises to induce perspiration might make him lose some weight, I also knew that this approach will impede Josh athletic performances.

s690845496938073127_p12_i1_w600[1]So, starting January 6, 2014, I decided to put Josh in a 5 days USANA Reset Challenge – a low glycemic meal replacement, of shakes and bars, including also 5 full day supply of USANA Health Pak – a selection of core supplements, including the Essentials, Active Calcium Plus and Proflavanol (grape seeds extract) pre-packed in convenient Am and Pm pouches. This allowed Josh to train at the full speed and intensity, while losing weight without being undernourished.

On his competition day (Saturday January 18, 2014) Joshua was weighting 66.9 kg, and he was full of energy, keeping his vitality high during the entire two days of fighting competition time.

For the first time participation at a Karate National Championship, Joshua spirit was high and he was able to challenge top Canadian competitive athletes, with many years’ competitive experience. For me, the attitude of a real WINNER is to have the guts to challenge more experienced fighters and
to gain more “know-how”. And Joshua Hensman proved to be this WINNER!

Congratulation Joshua!

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Un Program de Slăbit cu Rezultate Vizibile – Studiu Clinic

Vrei sa slăbești fără sa iți fie foame? Vrei o dieta care sa dea rezultate permanente? Vrei sa iți imbunatatesti sănătatea cardiovasculara? Atunci încetează sa mai calculezi caloriile și considera studiul clinic făcut de Universitatea din Colorado, Departamentul de Endocrinologie.

images25MTFVH7Este dovedit ca cei care sunt grași sau obezi, au nu numai problem de greutate dar și posibile boli cardiovasculare cât și boli metabolice in particular Sindromul Metabolic.

Sindromul Metabolic, denumit si Sindromul X, este o boala dobândita datorita unui stil de viata nesănătos.

Acest sindrom metabolic este caracterizat prin rezistentei celulelor la propria insulina, al hipertensiunii arteriale, al obezității și a nivelului crescut de lipide și zaharuri in singe. Acest sindrom ignorant de multi, va duce la diabet tip 2, si la complicatii cardiovasculare.

Ca urmare o persoana predispusa la acest sindrom, va trebui sa indeplineasca 3 din urmatoarele criterii:

  • Valori crescute ale tensiunii arteriale (>130/85 mmHg)
  • Valori plasmatice ridicate ale glicemiei a jeun (>6,1 mmol/l sau > 110mg/dl)
  • Obezitate abdominala (circumferinta abdominala >102 cm la bărbați si > 88cm la femei)
  • Concentrația serica scăzuta a HDL-colesterolului (<1.04 mmol/l la barbati si <1,29 mmol/l la femei)
  • Valori crescute ale nivelului seric al trigliceridelor (>1,69 mmol/l).

Chiar daca o persoana nu indeplineste inca 3 din aceste conditii, este dovedit ca un surplus de greutate acumulat in zona abdominala, este un indicator al dezvoltarii acestui sindrom. Dar nu dispera.

În 2005, USANA Health Sciences – o companie de suplimente nutriționale (care a luat locul întâii in lume pentru puritatea si potenta produselor oferite) – a creat un program de 12 săptămâni prin care a dovedit ca sindromul metabolic poate fi prevenit și chiar reversat printr-un stil de viata mai sănătos, o dieta glycemica mai redusa și exercițiu fizic moderat.

De fapt, folosind produsele USANA Nutrimeal (ca înlocuitor de masa cu index glicemic scăzut) și combinat cu USANA Essentials (un produs multi-vitaminic cu efect antioxidant – considerat numărul unu in lume) s-a dovedit ca in 12 săptămâni Sindromul Metabolic poate fi chiar reversat.

usana_reset_nutrimeal_banner[1]In 2008/2009, aceste evaluări științifice au fost re-evaluate la o scară mai mare, de un studiu clinic finalizat la Universitatea din Colorado Denver ( UCD ) . Rezultatele care au fost publicate în 2009 in Jurnalul de Obezitate , a confirmat faptul că o schimbare stilului de viață , care implică o dieta glicemic scăzuta , cu multivitamine / antioxidanți și cât și exercițiu fizic moderat (chiar și mersul pe jos) , poate îmbunătăți sau chiar reversa sindromul metabolic .

usana_essentials__92169.1353691843.1280.1280[1]Aici sunt rezultatele publicate:

  • Subiecții din studiul UCD au pierdut o medie 6 kg in 12 saptamani .

Dar si mai important a fost imbunatatirea semnificativa in masura de control glicemic , a sănătații cardiovasculare, a inflamatie interne cat si a statutului  antioxidant .

În medie , participantii la studiu au  realizat următoarele transformări ale măsurilor de control glicemic :

  • Insulina ca rezultat al postului a fost redusa cu 32 %
  • Nivelurile de insulină în timpul unui test de toleranta orala la glucoza (la 120 de minute interval)  a scăzut cu 44 %
  • Rezistenta la insulina , masurata prin indicele HOMA a scăzut cu 32 %
  • De asemenea, au fost , schimbări notabile în sănătatea cardiovasculare :
  • Tensiunea arteriala sistolica a scazut cu 6 %
  • Tensiunea arterial diastolica a scazut cu 8 %
  • Colesterolul total a scăzut cu 5 %
  • Trigliceridele (dupa post) au scazut cu 16 %

Factorii de inflamatie si statutul antioxidant au fost  de asemenea, îmbunătățiti considerabil:

  • Plasma Reservei Antioxidante ( PAR ) au crescut cu 20 %
  • Peroxidarea lipidelor din cauza stresului oxidativ , a scazut cu 29 %
  • Proteina C – Reactivă ( CRP ) , un factor al inflamatiei , a scazut 27 %
  • Nivelurile  de Vitamina E Alfa au crescut cu 30 %

Toate aceste modificări sunt conforme cu îmbunătățirle factorilor ce influenteaza sindromul metabolic cat și cu imbunatatiri semnificative in domeniul sanatatii cardiovasculare si metabolice .

Pentru cei interesati sa citeasca intregul articol publicat in 2009 in Jurnalul Obezitatii, va rog sa ma contactati cu adresa de e-mail sau telefon.

NOTA: In aceste studii clinice s-au folosit in exclusivitate produsele de calitate USANA Health Sciences:

USANA Nutrimeal este un inlocuitor de masa ce consta dintr-o combinatie de proteine, glucide, grasimi si fibre alimentare, specific formulat sa aibe un continut glycemic scazut si care sa poate fi folosit ca un substitut alimentar.

USANA Essentials, este un produs multivitaminic/multi mineral/ si cu efect  antioxidant, care a dovedit prin studii de laborator sa furnizeze niveluri optime de nutrienti  in formele cele mai biodisponibile pentru a obține niveluri sanguine adecvate unei nutriții sanatoase. Din acest motiv, USANA Essentials au fost evaluate ca fiind numărul unu in lume printre produsele multivitaminice.

Pentru mai multe informație despre produsele USANA, vizitati acest website: http://www.mariofit.usana.com/.

Recomand ca fiecare persoana interesata in produsele USANA, sa isi faca o evaluare de sanatate si nutritionala (GRATIS) care se gaseste pe acest website. Aceste produse sunt disponibile in 19 tari, inclusiv in Europa, si pentru Romania pot fi comandate din Olanda. Daca doriti sa comandati  si sa aveti o reducere de 20%, va recomand sa ma contactati personal prin text (001-604-725-9002) sau pe e-mailul de la Contact Me.

Why Your Weight Loss Program Might Not Work?

shutterstock_77234152[1]Are You Ready to Lose Weight? Are you on a diet right now? Be aware that you might not be successful unless you are in a positive mood to do so. If you are like me, and you are in a lot of stress, at work and at home, you might not be able to complete your weight loss diet. Mark my words. I know what I am talking right now.

Recently I decided for the first time in a decade to lose my unwanted weight. Yes, in the last four month I gained about 7 pounds (3 kg) of fat in my belly, and this is bothering me. I know that my abdominal adiposity might be linked to a pre-diabetic state called the Metabolic Syndrome.

perfectstorm[1]Metabolic syndrome is a pre-diabetic state that involves multiple symptoms including central obesity, insulin resistance, elevated blood lipids, elevated blood glucose, and high blood pressure.  And I know that in 2005, USANA Health Sciences designed a program that in 12 weeks, many pre-diabetic people restored their health. Their scientific trials were repeated in 2008/2009 at a larger scale, by a third-party clinical study completed at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD). The results that were published in the 2009 Journal of Obesity, confirmed that a lifestyle change, involving a low glycemic diet, multivitamin/antioxidants supplementation and exercise, can improve the metabolic syndrome.Here are the results:

  • Subjects in the UCD study lost an average of 12 pounds over the 12-week program. Even more dramatic, however, were the significant improvements in measures of glycemic control, cardiovascular health, inflammation and antioxidant status.
  • On average, study participants who completed the study (n=53) achieved the following transformations of measures of glycemic control:
  • Fasting insulin was reduced by 32 percent
  • Insulin levels during an oral glucose tolerance test at 120 min decreased by 44 percent
  • Insulin resistance as measured by the HOMA index decreased by 32 percent
  • There also were notable changes in the subjects’ measures of cardiovascular health:
  • Systolic blood pressure declined 6 percent
  • Diastolic blood pressure dropped 8 percent
  • Total cholesterol dropped 5 percent
  • Fasting triglyceride levels dropped 16 percent
  • Markers of inflammation and antioxidant status were also considerably improved:
  • Plasma Antioxidant Reserve (PAR) increased 20 percent
  • Urinary Isoprostanes, a marker of lipid peroxidation due to oxidative stress, decreased 29 percent
  • C-Reactive Protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation, dropped 27 percent
  • Vitamin E alpha levels increased by 30 percent

All of these changes are consistent with improvements to markers of Metabolic Syndrome and with significant improvements in cardiovascular and metabolic health.

And as a New YEAR Resolution, I was willing to participate in their RESET Challenge 12 week program, starting today Monday January 6, 2014.

usana_reset_nutrimeal_banner[1]But I decided not to. At the moment I live in a lot of stress that might interfere with my goal to lose at least 10 pounds, in the next 2 month, eventually to return back to compete in martial arts. And here are some facts I must deal with this week:

  • I am dealing with a motor vehicle insurance claim, that 4 years ago let me with some physical incapacity. I am stiff and I lost almost all my flexibility.
  • I am coaching Joshua Hensman to get best results and a medal at the 2014 Karate Canada National Championship (January 17-19)
  • I am studying to get certified as a Karate National Coach for Competition (Jan 11-12) and be able to instruct Josh and other BC Karate Athletes at the Nationals.
  • I am in a process of redesigning our Youth Empowered Self Defense (Y.E.S. Defense) program to be soon implemented in schools.
  • I need to deal with my last year taxation as soon as possible, otherwise I might get penalized.
  • I teach some free karate instructional drills for kids and youth to implement a sport specific program at a community centre.
  • Kids’ school, (they started today) and other related family issues, Etc. Etc. Etc. And all these things must be completed this week.

And with all this busy lifestyle, I am craving for my morning coffee and for my glass of red wine in the evening.

Going on the diet? NEXT WEEK. I promise. And if you want to join with me, just reply back and I will tell you all you need to know about losing weight the right way.

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