My Prolotherapy Experience – part 3 – The Cervical Zone


IMG_5619Prolotherapy or better said Proliferation Therapy, works when  done properly by a professional specialist and particularly when using an ultra-sound ESAOTE device, the one that Dr. Hal Brown is using at the Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre in Vancouver B.C.

I the last 3 years, I have had great results for my lower back, using prolotherapy, regenerative injections, but since the treatment was painful and expensive for my budget, I delayed my prolotherapy treatments for the neck, hoping that the injured tissue will heal in time.  It didn’t happen. In fact it gets worst.


Last year, I also was able (through my family doctor) and after eight months on the waiting list, to reach an appointment at the University of British Columbia – Allen McGavin Sport Medicine Centre for an even more powerful treatment known as Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRPT). But I get “kicked out” as soon as I said that my injuries are the result of a car accident- rear end collision that occurred in 2009. Obviously they are ‘afraid’ of getting the Insurance Corporation of BC on their back, and to interfere with their ‘unconventional’ treatments. It is such a shame that treatments which might give good results, for a reason or other are not approved by the mainstream medicine.


472722[1]It is been more than five years now, since I cope with this cervical discomfort. And in time the condition become worst and worst with headaches at the base of the scull, tension and muscles spasm to my entire back and decrease range of neck motions, particularly looking to the right. Pain killers, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Spinal Adjustments helped me to cope somehow with pain, but were just a temporary relief.

But the sad episode that happened on Saturday, December 29, 2014 made me rethink about my health and my choices. Just by attempting to put my socks into my feet, preparing to go to work, the re-occurring sharp pain happens simultaneous to my neck and lowers back. Six hours on the emergency room, didn’t help much, despite the fact that the nurse injected intravenous Fentanyl and Morphine-both powerful narcotic pain medicine.

Since then my pain for the lower back was dull and continuous for about 3 weeks, but my neck was stiff at all time, and as soon as I turned it to the right, I felt pain, relatively sharp in nature.


junkie-syringe-injection-needle[1]So, I decided Prolotherapy again. And after only two sessions of my lower back prolotherapy treatments, using a guided ultrasound device, Dr. Brown managed to inject the P2G proliferate solution (dextrose, glycerin, and phenol)  right on the spots where I felt my chronic pain. At the moment, I still have some lower back discomfort (more sessions are needed) but the dull pain vanished.

Based on this fact I decided to go also for my neck prolotherapy and I booked my appointment for Wednesday, February 11, 2015 (that was yesterday)

And my discussion with Dr. Brown was something like that:

– Dr. Brown: Mario it’s going to be painful…

– Me: (low voice) MHH! MHH! YEAH!

– Dr. Brown: More painful than prolotherapy for your lower back…

– Me: (lower voice) YES?

– But I am sure you will manage, and you will get better after.”

– Me: I HOPE SO.

cervical_dropped_head_anatomy02[1]And it was indeed painful, as Dr. Brown was using again the ultrasound device, driving the needle and injecting the P2G solution right to the roots of my neck and scapula ligaments and tendons.

As a result: I was neck stiff for entire day and on the evening I have had low grade fever.

But I woke up in the morning feeling better, with some manageable pain, probably from the inflammation, but not anymore sharp pain. And as I rotate my neck to the right, I have had an increased range of motion. Obviously it might take a week or more for the body to produce collagen and to reconstruct the connective tissue, and probably I will need to follow up with more treatments. But for now, I feel my pain improved and my range of motion increased, which is what I was looking for.

Now is about time to think again:  TRAINING for

Functional Fitness – Better Mood – Increased Performances – Better Health