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How would you like to save 40% of your gross income? When you have money it is easier to decide if you want to be an employee, a business owner or an investor. But if you just survive from one pay-cheque to the other, you don’t have much choice since you are trapped into a “Rat Race Circle”. You go to work, and automatically your taxes are withdrawn from your pay-cheque.

According to Sandy Botkin – a former IRS Attorney, now the President of the Tax Reduction Institute – taxes are the largest expense for most people. It exceeds what they pay for food, clothing, lodging and transportation combined.imagesZEB5MLI3

Statistics show that in today’s world, the average person spends more than 40% of their gross income on taxes. If you are like most people, means you are likely working 4-6 months a year just to pay taxes and to support the government instead of your family! What is left is going to pay for your rent or mortgage, bills, food and other expenses and just very little or nothing to save.

But Sandy Botkin, advice is this: “Owning a home-based Network Marketing business is the best way for the average guy to take advantage of these tax breaks … Any home-based business, even part-time, that is not a hobby, and is in pursuit of a profit, can qualify for huge tax breaks – it is US Government law”.

And the taxable income is not only an American system, but applies to most countries around the world. So, the above statement can be true for many. (maybe some restriction might apply from country to country, but the system is the same)


Mr. Botkin also adds:

“If you have a Network-Marketing business, I can save you $3,000 to $9,000 in taxes every year; legally, morally, and ethically…There is no better way to create tax deductions, than owning your own small business, and in most cases, a network marketing business that you can run from your home…Many of the things that you consider personal property and cannot be deducted if you are an employee can now be deductible by those who have a small business. By owning a home-based business and taking advantage of the tax breaks available to you, you can keep more of your income, even if your business isn’t producing a profit? You just need to know the laws, and how to apply them.”

In my future article I will explain how legally anyone can reduce their taxable income, having a Direct Sell or a Home Based Network Marketing Business. Until then I would like to make it clear what is the difference between direct selling and network marketing.

Direct Selling or Network Marketing?

DIRECT SELLING is a marketing strategy where an independent representative is reaching and dealing directly with its clients, usually in their homes or at their jobs, but away from a fixed retail location. When they conclude a sell, they receive a percentage commission from the sell they complete. As the name imply you are a sells representative.

NETWORK MARKETING is a marketing strategy in which an independent representative of a company, refer (or market) a product or service to other people, but also recruit other persons to do the same and to build up a team. In this case your recruits will receive also a commission fee, and you will receive a commission, based on the volume of sells the company completed on a specific time due to your individual or combined effort in marketing their products. In this case you and your team are mostly marketers who use primarily their network of people they know and help the company they represent to complete more sells.

As an individual you can complete also a sell if you want, but mostly you are a marketer. And you can leverage your time by using and training a team of other network marketing representatives, and as the company increases their sells, you can get paid a percentage commission in multiple levels,  or you can get paid a fixed percentage commission for the total volume produce by you and your team.

Some people might ask: Is this not a pyramid marketing scheme? No is not. Even if clever people design pyramid scheme to look like a network marketing structure, they don’t usually have anything to sell, but just recruiting people into their scheme and get paid for this. Someone during the process will lose money.

Read more about Network Market Business with its advantages and disadvantages, on my next reports.I will explain also how to distinguish between a pyramid scheme and a real network marketing business. I will also cover which are the most profitable network marketing business in the world.

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How Your Financial Status is Affecting Your Health? – MarioFit Business Report

images79MD47ICPoor health and financial burden are the two major problems people are confronting now. Therefore I really believe that:

True Health is also True Wealth, but Wealth is also necessary to maintain Health.

As a registered Holistic and Sport Nutrition consultant, I always believe that proper nutrition and physical fitness directly affect our health and wellbeing. But with time and more experience, I realized that our positive state of mind and financial status impacts our health and our wellbeing BIG TIME.

Think about:

  • Do you have enough money, not to think about your future? In other words is your financial status secured for life? If not, I am sure that you struggle with finding a solution. Whether you look for a better job or for a business opportunity, your frustration might lead to some related stress.
  • And if you have a job or a business that might secure your income, do you have time to enjoy the money you earned?  To make more money, you probably end up working extended hours, and in this case you might have less time for yourself, for your family and friends. No time to exercise, no time to eat properly, and you gain weight. This is another stress ‘wealthy’ people are living with.
  • And financial burden is one of the biggest stresses of our modern word, causing a lot of health problems such as hormonal imbalances, heart disease, digestive problems, sleep problems, depression, autoimmune diseases, and skin conditions such as eczema.


  • images48T3RX1EMost people are living paycheque to paycheque.
  • Countless people lie awake at night worrying about money-related issues.
  • Only in Canada, the credit card debt totaled a $73.7 billion at the end of 2012.
  • Most people work 4 to 6 months a year just to pay taxes.

According to Robert Kiyosaki – a very successful business investor and the creator of the CASH FLOW QUADRANTS – there are 4 types of people with different mindset about money:

cashflow[1]E -Employee: Earn income by working for other people – someone else is in charge of their job.

S – Self-employed worker: Earn income by working for them – they own their jobs and they decide about their work

B – Business owner: Earn income from the businesses they own – they are in charge of their business.

I – Investor: Earn income from their investments – money generating more money and so on.


Recently I completed a questionnaire with “Robert Kiyosaki ‘Rich Dad’ Coaching Program” to help me get started on my path to financial freedom. And one of the questions was: ARE YOU AS FINANCIALLY WEALTHY AS YOU WANT TO BE?

Based on my other responses, it appears that  I exhibit the mindset of someone in the ‘S’ and also ‘B’ quadrant.

Like many people, initially I was looking for a safe, secure job with good pay and excellent benefits. I was an employee. But after tax I realize that I am just surviving paycheque to paycheque. But then I understand that nobody can do it better than me, so I become self-employed and I was trying to generate most of my income. I was thinking that if the fee for my services would be $75/hour I will get over. But I was wrong. Running for customers to make more money, and ignoring my family was not what I wanted. Then I started my own business and I hired other people to work for me. I ended up to be more at work and also to babysit my employees. I got the money but I lost my free time.

So I asked the experts again and I get these advices:

“Making more money will not solve your problems if cash flow management is your problem.” – Robert Kiyosaki

1. Think like the rich. Invest in yourself and invest in your business. If you have a lot of money invests and invest agai   n. And don’t be greedy. You will see results.

2. Don’t let old habits get the best of you and your finances. Let go of old habits, ideas, people who are not serving your best interests. This is not easy as you have to step out of your “comfort zone” or other habits and thinking patterns. And don’t try to make an excuse as to why you should not change, rather than embrace change.

3. Start a Network Marketing Business. (with less than $500). If you don’t have money to invest and you really want to help you and also help others, but you are limited by time or money, then a network marketing business is the most appropriate venture to start. Find a good network marketing company that have a good product or service, and become a marketer for them. You will receive a commission bonus, based on the volume of sells the company provide weekly or monthly due to your marketing efforts. Since the compensation plans differ from one company to the other, you must do your diligent search and choose the one that best fits your needs.


I did my own research and I founded that NETWORK MARKETING is not a scheme to make money, as long as you market a physical product or a service, not just recruiting some people into an organization (and get paid) without any exchange goods. And I also find out that only 10% of people are successful in network marketing. But the initial small investment is worth the risk to take.

And  I decided to be one of the 10% people who are successful.  I choose nutrition and health. And now I am an associate with USANA Health Sciences, one of the best company in anti-aging nutritional supplements. And as I believe in their products (I use them extensively) I considered this a very good investment.

At the end I understand that my thoughts drive my behavior.  So, simply put, the most effective way to change my life and my financial situation was to change the way I think.

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