From FAT to FIT again – Transformation Challenge

YES, I did it and I achieved my goal. In just 12 weeks of this weight loss challenge, (January 4th-March 29th  2015) I lost 10.3 kg (23 lbs) of unwanted weight and I trimmed my waist circumference with 14 centimeters (5.5 inches)

In fact those are my results week by week:

Date Section Weight Waist
January 4, 2015 Start Weight 92 kg       (202 lbs) 106 cm
January 11, 2015 Week 1 86 kg       (189 lbs) 98 cm
January 18, 2015 Week 2 85.3 kg     (188lbs) 97 cm
January 25, 2015 Week 3 85 kg         (187 lbs) 97 cm
February 1, 2015 Week 4 84 kg         (185 lbs) 96 cm
February 8, 2015 Week 5 83.5 kg     (184 lbs) 95 cm
February 15, 2015 Week 6 83.5 kg     (184 lbs) 95 cm
February 22, 2015 Week 7 83.5 kg   (184 lbs) 95 cm
March 1, 2015 Week 8 83.5 kg   (184 lbs) 95 cm
March 8, 2015 Week 9 83 kg       (182.5 lbs) 94 cm
March 15, 2015 Week 10 83 kg       (182.5 lbs) 94 cm
March 22, 2015 Week 11 82.4 kg   (181 lbs) 93 cm
March 29, 2015 Week 12 81.7 kg   (180 lbs) 92 cm


RESET March 29 2015

Why I decided to do this challenge?

On my previous blog from January 2015, entitled ‘From Fit to Fat – My Transformation Challenge’  I wrote how stress, medication for pain and nervous tension, affected my life, my health and my physical fitness. And as a result of those stressors, my blood sugars elevated, my blood pressure rose to unhealthy readings of over 140/90, my weight gain move up from 84 kg to 92 kg in only few months, and my waist measurement increased to 106 centimeters (42 inches). This constellation of symptoms made me a candidate for developing a pre-diabetic state known as Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X.

Having personal experiences and knowing that Usana Health Sciences is a True Health Company with clinical studies in Reversing of Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity, I decided to restore my health and lose some unwanted pounds by participating into their Usana Reset Nation weight Loss Challenge and follow their protocol. See some clinical trials at the end of this blog.

And I have to admit that even with my knowledge in functional fitness and holistic nutrition, achieving this ambition and losing 10 kg, was not an easy task without exercising.

Yes, due to some re-occurring back pain and muscular stiffness (as a result of a car accident in 2009) I was not able to exercise during the first 8 weeks of my challenge, yet I was able to lose 7 kg of my weight just by changing my nutritional habits, as recommended in the USANA’s RESET™ Nation Challenge.

But when 4 weeks ago I also started to workout using a combination of moderate intensity weight training and functional bodyweight exercise program I personally designed for my recovery, I was able to achieve my goal and to lose an additional 3.3 kg.

RESET March 29 2015 -2

Why I set my goal to lose 10 kg?

And if someone might ask why my goal was to lose 10 kg and not six, eight or 15kg, I can surely affirm that before 2009, this was my ideal weight as a fitness professional and martial arts athlete. This was the weight that in the years 2005-2009, kept me extremely active, strong and in great physical condition despite my age of 47 (in 2009).

But what motivates me to participate into this challenge NOW was mostly a combination of many personal choices.

  1. First, I needed to restore my health which in the last year started to decline at a considerable speed and I wanted to win the big prize: The Usana Health Sciences all inclusive trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute (May 2nd-May 7th 2015)
  2. On the same time, I wanted to prove again and again that Usana Health Sciences is a True Health Company. In the past, as a Registered Holistic and Sport Nutrition Consultant in Canada, I was able to help many friends, athletes and other clients to improve their wellbeing using a combination of healthy nutrition, regular physical exercises and the use of Usana Health Sciences nutritional supplements.
  3. My next reason to win this challenge was to raise awareness to my fellow Romanian friends and compatriots, and to point out that Usana Health Sciences is indeed the True Health Company.

Once one of the top karate athletes in Romania (and than in Italy) I grew up as an eyewitness to the effects of malnutrition in many orphan children in Romania. And at that time I was unable to help at all. But in 2002, thanks to Children’s Hunger Fund (a Charitable Organization) and its long-time partner Usana Health Sciences, I have heard how they restore health to thousands of Romanian orphans for many years. This is why in 2012 I decided to ‘return the favor’ and to compete (at the age of 50) in the 2012 Karate BC Provincial Championships to raise funds for Usana True Health Foundation and Children Hunger Fund to be exclusively used for children in desperate need of food and medicine. For me as a USANA Associate, giving to Children’s Hunger Fund was more than a donation — it was a fight. And I would like to thank Usana and their True Health Foundation for recognizing me as one of their “Champion”. In fact in 2013, the management of Usana Health Sciences and True Health Foundation invited me in Salt Lake City to present to me the ‘Champion for Change Award’

4. And NOW the year of 2015, become my time to restore my health and bring back my well being. And thanks to Usana Reset Nation Challenge, I am on my way to get healthier and better physically, emotionally and financially.

And to conclude I would like to tell everyone:


More information about Usana Clinical Studies on Reversal of Metabolic Syndrome:

From Fit to Fat – My Transformation Challenge

Many friends call me Mario-Fit.

But I have to admit that I am Fat. I am not kidding. Many of my friends are still following my nutritional advises and fitness tips to get healthy and in better shape, because I am qualified as a Fitness Instructor and Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant – expert on cellular nutrition. But in the last few years, too much pressure in resolving unexpected problems, which were out of my control, and too much medication for pain and stress, affected my life, my health and my physical fitness.

IMG_5496  IMG_5497IMG_5521

As a result my blood pressure rose to unhealthy readings of over 140/90 and recently I gained much weight that now I am 10 kg (22 lbs) extra-flabby. My waist measurement is now 106 centimeters (42 inches) and my height is still 1.77 cm (5’8’’). Considering the Body Mass Index (BMO) ratio weight to height, I am 29% chubby. This number, place me on the category of an extremely overweight person (30% is the starting limit of obesity).

And I refuse to accept this realty. I must do something. But what can I do? Problems are still unresolved and stress is still part of my daily life.

From trying to manage my re-occurring pain, and dealing with an ICBC claim (a car accident that occur in 2009) to many other frustration and disappointments related to my business loss and my personal relationship with my family and friends, indeed affected much my health and wellbeing. IMG_5614

Only in the last few months, because of accumulated nervous tension, and taking many prescription medications for pain and stress, I was diagnosed with a major digestive problem which affected also the absorption of nutrients. This medical condition is on top of my stress-related muscle tension (myofacial pain syndrome) I was diagnosed earlier, after the 2009 car accident.

Recently, I have had a reoccurring sudden pain to my lower back and to my cervical area, and much frustration on my ability to be functionally fit the way I want it to be, created even more disappointments and tension. It is like a circle of destruction.

IMG_5441No matter that my 2014 winter ‘Happy Holidays’ were not so happy for me. I also spent some time on the St. Paul Emergency room with a sharp pain starting from the neck and down to my lower back. And guess what? I just tried to put my socks and my shoes onto my feet, preparing to go to work. What a nasty day December 29, 2014. I got intravenous injections with Fentanyl, a potent, synthetic opioid pain medication. It works a little, but not the best. And after few hours I get two more shorts of Morphine and Ketorolac, that makes me able to walk with the feeling that I am already  “in paradise”.

For sure those medications, will sooner or later affect my liver as well. I must do something.

In the past trigger point injections (prolotherapy) relaxation techniques and anti-inflammatory nutrients such omega 3 fish oil and glucosamine with turmeric extract also help, but just for a period of time.

What to do?

Well I already booked my prolotherapy session and I just decided to start the USANA Health Science – Reset Nation Challenge.  This 12-week “regain your health” – weight-loss challenge—running January 5–March 29—rewards winners with an exclusive trip to Sanoviv Medical Institute in Rosarito Mexico, which utilize cutting-edge “Functional Medicine” and detoxification using alternative and integrative programs to help maintain a good health and to treat a wide range of diseases. And I really need a vacation in a luxurious setting, for a full detoxification, healthy nutrition, and functional medicine treatments that might restore my health.

Are you Crazy? – High Intensity Exercises for Cardiovascular Diseases?

121_HIVCardiovascularDisease-610x390[1]What if you are already diagnosed with Hypertension, or other form of cardiovascular disease and at your medical check up visit, instead of medication, you get a prescription to exercise.

Rx: 3 x week:

  • Sprint for 10 seconds
  • Walk for 60 seconds (or until you recover your breath)
  • Sprint for 10 seconds
  • Walk for 60 seconds (or until you recover your breath)

And if you have a knee or other lower limbs problems, sprinting can be substitute with any other type of short explosive movements. And repeat this cycle for 6-8 times or even more 2-3 times per week. And as you see, not  jogging in the park, but actually sprinting at almost maximum speed.

athletes600[1]Whoa, you might say! Sprinting when you have a cardiovascular condition? Are you out of your mind? Intense interval training is commonly used by athletes to increase their speed and endurance. Obviously would be hard to take your doctor advice.

And since many people are skeptical to these advices, most likely they will return to their old regular low aerobic routine.  Maybe is  time to reconsider your options.

According to new medical research using high intensity functional interval training (H.I.F.I.T.) in people with hypertension, diabetes and other degenerative conditions, found that high intensity training improve the medical condition of many patients and that it can reduced blood pressure more than any other steady workout regimen.

Why H.I.F.I.T. High Intensity Functional Interval Training 

Sprinting is an intense exercise that uses primarily muscle fibers known as fast-twitch muscle fibers, which generate more power using anaerobic (without oxygen) use of glucose. Walking, which is a low aerobic exercise, use primarily the slow-twitch fibers using aerobic (with oxygen) use of glucose. Together this type of training increases the capacity of the muscles to take up extra glucose. High Intensity Training, improve better the cardiovascular conditioning, and demonstrate to burn three times more fat in just half the time you spend with regular aerobic exercises?

To Heal a Heart, Train Harder

Black tonometer and heart isolated on whiteThis article ‘To Heal a Heart, Train Harder’ was published in June 2011 in The Wall Street Journal, pointed out that even if it sounds risky, research at the Mayo Clinic and other European Rehabilitation Centre, pointed out that using supervised short but highly intense exercise with patients suffering from heart failure and coronary artery disease, and those recovering by bypass surgery and heart attacks, improves the ability of the body to transport and use oxygen.

Also, the Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation published in 2009, the most recent version of the guidelines for cardiac rehab, confirmed that there are enough compelling evidence that high intensity interval training can lead to improvements in aerobic capacity, functional status and quality of life, and that it can be used as an alternative to traditional continuous training.

CONCLUSION: The most important thing to consider here is that you can get all the heart-related benefits of cardio routines, athletic performances and anti-aging improvement from “High-Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT), and here’s the best part: you will actually see better progress in your strength, speed, stamina, agility and the way you look in just a matter of weeks.

So, go and do your own research to see if this is true. And when you are convinced, start a high intensity short interval training, and burn also that extra pounds of fat. But first check with your doctor show him this article and all the research, and start a high intensity training under the supervision of a medically authority.

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Five Reasons People Won’t Exercise!

Why people do not want to exercise? We all know that regular physical activities play an important role in the health, well-being and quality of life. According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention and to the Public Health Agency of Canada, exercising regularly, can lower people’s risk of a heart attack, colon cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes as well as help with weight control, relieve arthritis pain and even reduce symptoms of depression.

Then why is it that most people avoid to exercise or get an excuse not to…

Kids-Cats-Grown-Ups-How-to-Get-those-Couch-Potatoes-OFF-the-Couch[1]More than half of U.S. and Canada adults do not engage in activity, and levels consistent with public health recommendations. Also in Europe, physical activities are a big problem with half of the European Union population being overweight or obese. And there are many personal reasons people might not want to exercise.

Whatever your barriers are, it is all about your health.

But don’t get sad! It doesn’t matter what your reasons are not to exercise, I probably have a solution for some of you. And why not, maybe a motivational means?

2011 Mario 49 years

I am 51 years old and I personally experience the results of my anti-aging program, where short burst of specific exercises combined with specific nutritional supplements, can stimulate the grow hormone, rejuvenating your body. And as a side results you will BUILD MUSCLE while LOSING Unwanted Fat in only 15 minutes per day.

But this not all. This protocol will also stimulate the telomerase enzymatic activity, protecting the telomeres from damage and extending life. Se my previous articles on Telomeres.

And since I am re-designing my 15 minutes ANTI-AGING protocol, to fit also your needs, I decided to give it to you for FREE (in January 2014) .  Just sign up to my newsletter and I will make sure that you receive all the related information in time.

But let’s see what are the reasons people don’t exercise. In my opinion and based on my personal experience, below are the top five reasons people don’t exercise regularly:

First Reason: You Don’t Like to Exercise

People would not like to exercise, because humans seek mostly pleasures and will do almost anything to avoid pain. And since most individuals seek pleasure not pain, when it comes to choosing between sittings on the couch watching TV, or going to a gym, they just prefer the sedentary option. Despite the fact that research demonstrates exercising regularly is a great way for people to lose weight, it also proved to improve cognitive function, help control hypertension and reduce the risk of developing depression, people still prefer the sedentary lifestyle.

Second Reason: You don’t Have Time

While regular exercises improve your overall health, many people won’t do it due to the fact that they don’t have time.  According to Forbes, this is the most common excuse why people do not exercise; lack of time. And, I can understand that. Going back and forth to work might take you about ten hours of your time. Than coming home, if you have a wife and a child (or more) who compete for your attention, then you are “screwed up” with your other time for exercising regularly.

Third Reason: You’re in Pain

Physical illnesses are one of the most common barriers to exercise. That’s despite the fact that health concerns strongly try to motivate people with pain to try to be more active. But if you have a lower back injury, neck stiffness, a knee inflammation, or any other structural discomfort, most likely pain is keeping you away from exercising outdoor or in the gym.

Forth Reason:  You don’t Have Motivation

Even if people get some time, and probably start exercises, mostly will quit since they don’t see fast results. Other people can’t adapt to new changes in their life, might be intimidated by the equipment they need to use, while others don’t get comfortable to workout out in front of other people. Yes! Exercising is a new challenge for many. If they don’t adapt, then the motivations to exercise regularly vanish.

Fifth Reason:  You are in a Low Income

In North America the average monthly gym membership rate is $40 to $60 per month for each individual.  In Europe the gym membership might be more expensive reaching in some countries even $150 per person.  And in some American or European countries, exercising outdoor is not an option for many. Only having a low income, is probably a big factor in keeping people from exercising.

If you really want to get the benefits of exercising regularly, but you don’t have time, or money, or if you lack motivation or if you are sick,  my re-designed functional fitness protocol, might fit into your busy schedule and budget. It is FREE and available to all. This protocol is based on the latest discoveries on ANTI-AGING research, using a High Intensity Functional Interval Training (H.I.T.F.I.T.)  that can be performed anywhere – at the gym at the office, in the park or at home. People can get the most of their exercise routine in only 15 minutes using their own bodyweight.

And when this protocol is combined with the proper nutritional supplements, you will feel the energy and the health benefits that comes with this.

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